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AIS Info & Passwords Now in Email

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Up to 3 days before your install, you should be receiving an email Nick Moss with all your installation information. An example of this is below. You will also notice that blue FID folder no longer contains a printed sheet with this info. The FID folders are being shipped with the bucky tray and wall mount to ensure that hey arrive on time, every time.




Email Example 

Hello Jon Torres ,

Below is the information for your upcoming installation at YYZPines Animal Hospital on 1/24/2018 10:00 AM. If you have any questions, please contact Nick Moss, (phone 760-448-4866) or Chris Lockman, (phone 312-852-3111).

YYZ Pines Animal Hospital – SmartDR 1717C + Summit
130 Fake Road
Rolling Pines, FL 12345

Contact: Brian George
Phone: 1234567890

AIS Information
AETitle: ANM1631
UN: ah
PW: ah1

Sound Experience
UN: ahah
PW: Password1!

Thank you,




Varian Panel Issues

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The Varian V2 panels that arriving with the all-in-one computers are experiencing some technique issues. The new panel (V2) has a software bug in it. This is being corrected.

We have been finding that the included Technique Chart may need to be adjusted by one MA station down.

If you experience any of the following, please contact Tech Support right away so that we can document then issues

  • burning through images
  • auto crop failure
  • grainy and burning through images at the same time

Thank your patience while we work through this.

SmartPACS MXR Training and Conference Calls

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It’s time to start the music. It’s time to light the lights…..

The official online MXR Training for SmartPACS is here.

We’ve broken this down to a few simple steps to help you get the most out of our online training

  1. Create an account on the MXR Online Training Form
  2. View the training website (found here or on the Training Form)
    1. Check it out and watch the short videos
  3. Fill out the Training Form and take the quiz at the bottom
  4. Attend a Conference Call to ask questions (dates and conference call times will be posted shortly – no internet is needed)
  5. Wait for the drawing to find out who won one of three $75 amazon gift cards.

New Technique and Gain for Varian’s V2 Panel

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Varian has released a new panel that will be accompanying all the all-in-one systems. These new panels have a new gain technique and a new technique chart. The technique chart can also be


  • New Gain Calibration: 10,000 – 11,000
  • Starting technique – 2 or 2.5 mAs / 62 kVp


New V2 Technique Chart for the 1717 Gadox Panels. If you do not have a laminated copy, please print out this version. This chart can also be found on the customer facing install website

Technique Chart V2

SmartPACS is Here!!!

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Sound SMART PACS™ provides DICOM image viewing throughout the veterinary hospital utilizing the same simple, intuitive design style as the Smart DR user interface. This allows for easy access to DICOM images wherever they are needed, on any device – Microsoft, Apple, or Android. Sound Smart PACS is completely auto-updateable, so the latest features and enhancements will always be available, with no manual intervention required by the hospital staff.

Click to view the SmartPACS setup instructions, training videos, and download documentation

SmartPACS Production HardwareSmartPACS Production Hardware Back