Assembly Completion Document (FID)

Please fill out the FID and have the purchaser, doctor, head tech, etc sign it at the bottom. The form can be filled out on the acquisition computer, smart phone, a touch enabled device, or any computer with a mouse. The signature at the bottom can be signed with a finger, stylus, or mouse.

The FID is at the bottom of this page, for a pop-up form, click here.

For instructions on how to use the FID, please view this video.

Please ensure that you have placed the Varex panel sticker in a visible spot on the wall mount or computer.

NOTE: We have filled up our old FID list. If you have created a username or password in the past, you will be required to do so again. You can use the same login information to create an account.

If you are looking for your old FIDs, they can be found here: