New Technique and Gain for Varian’s V2 Panel

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Varian has released a new panel that will be accompanying all the all-in-one systems. These new panels have a new gain technique and a new technique chart. The technique chart can also be


  • New Gain Calibration: 10,000 – 11,000
  • Starting technique – 2 or 2.5 mAs / 62 kVp


New V2 Technique Chart for the 1717 Gadox Panels. If you do not have a laminated copy, please print out this version. This chart can also be found on the customer facing install website

Technique Chart V2

SmartPACS is Here!!!

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Sound SMART PACS™ provides DICOM image viewing throughout the veterinary hospital utilizing the same simple, intuitive design style as the Smart DR user interface. This allows for easy access to DICOM images wherever they are needed, on any device – Microsoft, Apple, or Android. Sound Smart PACS is completely auto-updateable, so the latest features and enhancements will always be available, with no manual intervention required by the hospital staff.

Click to view the SmartPACS setup instructions, training videos, and download documentation

SmartPACS Production HardwareSmartPACS Production Hardware Back

New SmartDR All-In-One Computers!

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Are you tired of mounting an CPU with every install? Now you an save an extra 20 minutes at every install. Varian has discontinued the Dell CPU and has replaced it with a nice All-In-One Monitor. The monitor mounts the same as the old monitor. Most of the connections will still connect to the back of the monitor.

  • Only mount the wall mount portion (you can discard the cpu mount)
  • Built-in Speakers
  • Plate connects to on-board NIC card
  • Clinic network connects via a USB Ethernet Adapater

Click to see set-up instructions


SmartDR All-In-One