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Varex Gen 5 Panel Strain Relief

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Proper strain relief prolongs the life of the panel and ensures that it is within proper functional use and warranty. Please ensure your strain reliefs are following the guide below. Please be sure to send a photo of the strain relief to your home support agent.

Make sure the

  1. Strain relief at bucky tray – a hole may be needed to attach the relief. When possible, use velcro ties. The path of the cable from the USB-C to the strain relief anchor point is reasonably straight and very short, minimizing force on the connector;
    • The anchor point moves with the detector, such that any cable forces from the movement of the tray are absorbed by the anchor rather than the connector;
    • Create a loop if possible – using the following specifications
      • The loop needs to have a radius of at least 2x the cable diameter. 
      • Care should be taken to ensure that the movement of the tray/bucky does not tighten that loop to a size below that radius.
      • The loop at the panel-side anchor point provides sufficient cable length to help protect the connector in the event that the cable does snag or is otherwise yanked from that anchor point.
      • That loop also serves to direct the cable path toward the rear of the table in a way that minimizes the possibility of kinking over time.
      • If that is not possible, do not use a loop.
  2. Strain relief anchored to the rear of the table to help preserve the length of slack. When possible, ensure the cable is anchored with velcro ties.
  3. Slack in the cable to allow for left-right bucky movement – leave only as much slack between anchor points as is absolutely necessary to accommodate the movement of the tray, minimizing the opportunities for the cable to snag on objects and framework under the table.

We’ve added MyVet Dental to our Dental Family

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Sound now offers MyVet Dental systems as a second dental option. These systems are easier to install and lighter weight than other providers.  They use Rayence intraoral sensors

The wall mounts come with both a double and single stud backing plate to eliminate the need for backer boards and the carts are shipped in an easy-t0-assembly manner.


We also have training videos on how to use both the hardware and software on our websites below:


Instruction Site:  

Sound Applications Site: