Antech Imaging Services (AIS) is more than just a telemedicine website, it also a full online PACS system, allowing customer to view their images remotely, email studies to anyone, and submit their studies for a consultation with a Board Certified Radiologist.

AIS Website (

Training Center

Using AIS

Antech Imaging Services (AIS) is powerful tool that allows you take your digital x-rays beyond basic viewing. As long as your computer, phone or tablet has internet access and an up-to-date internet browser, you can

  • Easily email studies for viewing or download
  • Submit a consultation to a board certified radiologist
  • View images remotely

Logging onto AIS

1. Direct your internet browser to or and enter your AIS username and password then hit the Go or Log In buton

AIS Login       AIS soundvet login

If the clinic does not have their AIS username and password, please fill out a customer support request.

2. Searching for you study can be done by date range, patient name, patient ID, or simply by clicking Go and showing all your studies form the last 7 days.

AIS Search Screen

– To search specific criteria, enter your information and choose your study date options. You can search a specific date range or search your entire database for a patient. To search the entire database, choose the blank year option in the From Study Date field.


AIS from study date

  • Patient Name: use the Patient Name field.
  • Owner’s Last Name: Use the Owner’s Last Name field
  • Patient ID: use the Case Number field

Emailing a Study

1. After searching for your patient, select the Select Action drop down list

AIS Select Action

2. Select the Email Study option

AIS action email

NOTE: To select multiple studies or patients, expand your patient studies by clicking the Arrow button. Then select the checkbox for each study you would like to email. In any of the checked studies, select email study from your Select Actions dropdown menu.

AIS action email multiple

3. Fill out the pop-up email form

  • To: email address of who you are sending the study to .
  • CC: automatically enters the clinic’s email address on file. You can delete it if not wanted, however, the default to add it can not be changed
  • General Practitioners: Select your doctor from the dropdown list
  • Additional Comments: Add any comments you want to email to the recipient.

AIS Email

Click the Send button

4. Your recipient will receive an email with a link to their images that they can view using the AIS internet based viewer or download. The email will contain the following information.

  • From:
  • Subject: View Study Request
  • Email Body:
    Dr. Test  has sent you links to 3 DX images for the patient Test with owner Sound
    If you have specific questions about the patient, please contact Dr. Test.
    Sound Veterinary Clinic
    Phone: N/A
    For technical difficulties please contact:

Creating a Consultation

1. Search for your patient and select our study or studies.

2. Select Submit a Consult from the Actions dropdown or click the Submit a Consult  button button_ais_submit

3. Fill out the consultation information

  • Additional Patient Information
  • Priority & Response Time
    • 3 hours is our normal resonse time
    • STAT read is 1 hour or less



  • Select Radiology from the Available speciality list and click the  -> button to add it the current speciality ais_button_move

ais_radiology spec

  • Click the Submit Button


4. On the next page fill out the study information

  • History – Patient history
  • Description of Case – case description
  • Clinic Questions and Additional Questions – this section will not appear on the report


5. Click the submit button ais_submit

After submitting the consultation, the icon will change to an “i” showing that it is in progress. Once the report has been completed, the icon will change to an “r”

ais_i      ais_r

Using SmartDR to Create AIS Consultations

Configuring SoundBank for AIS

When as study is completed in SmartDR, the images are sent to the SoundBank Server. From the SoundBank, the images are available immediately on any eFilm workstation. The SoundBank will also send the images to AIS automatically where they can be viewed at from any web browser, mobile phone, tablet, phablet, etc.

These instructions demonstrate how to configure the Fusion server to automatically send images.

You should receive an email with the hospital’s specific AE Title, Username, and Password. If you have not received this on installation day, please contact customer support and request the AIS AE, UN, and PW

1. From the SoundBank computer, double click the Internet Explorer  IE Icon icon. If your SoundBank does not have a monitor, click here to learn how to connect remotely to your server.

2. The Fusion Pacs page should open. If it does not, enter http://localhost/fusionserver .

Login in with

  • Username (case sensitive): admin
  • Password (case sensitive): RedCat07


3. On the menubar, System  under the Config heading

04 config


4. Click the + sign to expand the  System menu and choose Devices

04 devices


5. In the Device Configuration menu, select AIS and click the Edit 06 editbutton

05 AIS blank

6. In the Edit Device Screen, replace the (Customer) AE Title with the hospital specific AE title provided to you by Sound. If you have not received this please use this form to request one.

07 customer blank


Click the OK  AIS OK button   button.

The new AE Title will appear in Device List

10 AIS changed

7. Click the + sign next the Rules Menu and choose Routing

11 routing

8. Select the AIS Auto Route and click the Edit  AIS edit button button

12 Routing

9. Click the check boxes on the top for Enable (After Store) and Enable (After Edit)

12 Routing


Then click the OK  AIS OK button button

10. Click the X 17 close  button in Internet Explorer to close your browser.

AIS Consultations

There are several ways to submit a study for a consultation to Antech Imaging Services to be read by a board certified radiologist. How a clinic chooses to submit their study depends on their workflow.

AIS Website

Using the AIS website, a clinic can submit a study on any internet enabled device directly from their AIS account.  Once a study has been uploaded to AIS, it is as simple as selecting “Submit a Consult” and filling in the information.


  • Can be done from any internet enabled device (PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, iPad, tablet, Windows 7, 8, 10, etc)
  • “Attaching” a report to an uploaded study on your AIS account


  • Must wait for study to upload to AIS (avg 10 mintues) after acquiring
  • Submission form is 2 pages


Submitting a consultation from SmartDR sends the study online and opens a single web page with the consultation form.


  • 1-click sending
  • Pulls all the DICOM info into the web form
  • Links to clinic’s AIS account


  • Can only submit form the SmartDR Acquisition Computer
  • Unable to use the acquisition station until the report has been submitted (workflow)
  • The webpage form must be closed using Alt + F4


Using eFilm, a clinic can both submit and view past consultation within the study. Submitting a study in efilm acts like fax. The actual images are automatically sent from your SoundBank server to AIS. When you create the consultation in eFilm, you are just “faxing” a report. Once you submit the report, it is attached the specific study on AIS. If your study has not uploaded, your submission will be submitted once the study is uploaded (usually within 10 minutes).


  • Access from eFilm
  • Easy One-Button access from AIS
  • Can view completed reports directly from eFlim
  • No signing in required


  • Report is sent independently of the images
  • Must enter additional patient information since the study is not pulling form all the DICOM tags
  • If a study does not upload, the consultation will not take place

Adding an AIS Consultation Shortcut to eFilm

You are able to submit and review consultations directly from eFilm. The information below shows you how to install the AIS shortcut in eFilm. For training on how to submit and review studies, please refer to our Training Center at the webpage.