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Reject Buttons and Bluetooth Keyboards

By August 29, 2018Uncategorized

If you are onsite and have a reject button, please follow the steps below.


  1. DO NOT USE the Bluetooth keyboard/mouse that comes in the SmartDR box.
    1. A separate keyboard and mouse has been sent. This has an RF dongle.
    2. Contact Kyle 760-448-4853 or one of our other installation staff if you do not have this.
  2. Connect the RF Dongle with the new keyboard and mouse.
  3. For the Reject Button – DO NOT USE THE BLUETOOTH DONGLE.
    1. We will use the on-board Bluetooth antenna built into the SmartDR Acquisition.
  4. Use the windows search feature and type Bluetooth (right click the windows icon and choose search).
  5. Turn on the reject button. You should see the Sound Reject Button in your Pair List
  6. Press the reject button and it should pair.
  7. Contact tech support with any issues – 800-819-5538

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