General Setup / Accessing the Settings Screen

SmartDR comes pre-configured from Varian and requires clinic/hospital specific setup. When you start up computer, it should automatically log you in. If it does not, please uses the following usernames and passwords

  • UN: Administrator
  • PW: BarrySanders@20


  • UN: Sound User
  • PW: JuniorSeau@55

1. Select “Admin” at the computer startup screen and enter the password: RedCat07. SmartDR will automatically start up

2.  Click the Settings Icon located at the top right of the screen

3. In the Configuration Screen > System Options,  set Log off admin on exit to “False” to be able to log out of SmartDR and not shutdown the computer

Setting the Com Port

The Com Port is the USB Wireless Dongle that speaks with UIO Box. It will never be Com 1.

1. In the Settings screen, navigate to Config and then Advanced Options

2. In the lower left select the Com Port: setting.

3. Choose whatever one is not listed as COM1. In this case COM6

4. Click the Save  Button_Save  button

Adding DICOM Servers

1. Select DICOM from the Left side of the screen

2. Select the Storage tab

3. Click the Add  Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 11.54.02 AM  button to add a new server

4. Enter the SoundBank Information.

Name: SoundBank

IP: Set by installer at clinic or given by clinic IT person


Port: 104

5. Click the box for Supports Auto Send.

6. Click the Save  SDR_Config_19  button

7. Add the AIS server by clicking the Add    button


  • Name: AIS
  • IP:
  • AE Title: emailed by Heather. If you do not have an AIS AE title, please       use this form to request one
  • Port: 104

9. Click the box for Supports AIS


10. Select the SoundBank server from your Storage Devices list by clicking on the SoundBank box in the Storage Device tray

11. Select the Default  Button_Default button to the right

12. Click the Save SDR_Config_19 button

Clinic Setup

1. In the Setup menu under Config config,  choose the Site Information tab

2. Add the clinic name in the Site Name:

3.  You can add the site address or leave it blank

4. Click the Save  Save Button button


Before calibrating your plate in SmartDR, please ensure that the following has been completed:

  • Plate is centered and locked to tube stand
  • You have done a 3 shot calibration in Viva

1.  Select Calib  button_cailb from the menu on the left side of the screen

2. IGNORE THE INSTRUCTIONS on the screen. Follow the steps below

  • Set SID to 40″
  • Open collimator blades and ensure that the panel is fully illuminated
  • Ensure that there is nothing in the beam path
  • Set KVP and MAS to the settings used in Viva

3. Click the Start button_play button when it appears below the Current Status window.

4. Your panel will take several moments to prepare. The Instructions section will provide updates

5. Take your first shot when the Instructions show you the kvp, mas, and SID to fire.  IGNORE the kVp, mAs, and SID settings. Use the previous settings from your Viva calibration (i.e. for a 4343, kVp  start around 54 kVp and 2.5 mAs)

6. Your Instructions status will change after your shot to “Performing Calculations, please stand by…” When your system is ready for the next shot, the insructions will read “1. Set kVp to: 70, etc….” and your  Current Status will read what shot number you are on.  Take your next shot.

7. After 8 shots, the SmartDR status will read Calibration Successful

8. Click Close button_close at the right of the status bar

9. To exit the settings menu click the Back  button_back button

10. RESTART SYSTEM AFTER CALIBRATION. If you do not restart your system, you will not be able to take an x-ray in the acquisition screen.

Hanging Protocols

With the recent updated to SmartDR version 1.05, there is no need to change the hanging protocols if the plate has the cable coming out the back right.  When the Default Panel Rotation is set to “0,” the hanging protocols should be correct

To check the Default Rotation, enter the Settings Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 2.42.05 PM Screen

In the Config configtab the  Panel Configuration  tab ensure that the Default Rotation in the lower right is “0.”

If you need to change the Hanging Protocols for any reasons, please contact Technical Support.

Summit X-Ray Generator Integration

Sound SmartDR Generator Integration allows your SmartDR to automatically control a Summit HF Generator based off the animals anatomy and weight. This is done by connecting the generator and the acquisition computer via a serial cable. This cable is included with every SmartDR accessory kit. If you are using the All-In-One acquisition station, you will connect via a USB to Serial Adapter pictured below. If this is an older SmartDR, you can connect directly to the PC.

USB to SerialSummit Int Serial Plugged InSmartDR Wireless Serial Plugged In

If the Summit HF is newer than Nov 2016, you will just need to add the X-ray Integration Kit to to the Summit Generator and connect the 9-pin serial cable to the Sound Acquisition Computer. Click here for generator integration kit instructions.

1. Click the Settings Icon button_settings in SmartDR

2. Click the Generator 02b - Generatorbutton on the left side of the Settings Menu.

3. Click the check box next to “Integrated Generator”

03 - Check Box

4. Click the Save Button_Save button

An info box will display from the top of the screen. Click the Arrow Button and the trash can to delete it.

05b - box expanded

5. Select the correct COM port from the Port drop down box.

06 - Com Port Selection


If you are using a Dell mini tower acquisition computer, select COM1

Summit Int Serial Plugged In


 = COM1




If you are using the Dell All-In-One Acquisition with the USB-to-Serial cable, select the open COM Port (COM1 is in use, the other COM will be used for the UIOv3 box).

SmartDR Wireless Serial Plugged In

6. Press the Back arrow button_back at the top of the screen to return to your Patient Screen

7. When you begin a study, you will now see a KVP/MAS icon in the Acquisition screen. The technique will adjust based on the weight and body part entered into SmartDR.

08 - kvp button

Pressing the KVP/MA 09 - button button will bring up a Generator Dialogue Box. You can adjust the KVP and mAs manually if needed. The generator will match what is entered on the screen.


10 - kvp tech chart change

Click Save Button_Save to save an adjusted technique setting for a specific specie’s shot.

If you need assistance configuring SmartDR to work with the Generator Integration,  please contact Technical Support.

Finding the SmartDR Serial Number

1. Click the Settings Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 2.42.05 PM icon to enter the Settings screen

2. In the Config section Click the Site Information tab

3. Note the Serial Number for the FID. The serial number will look like SDR2-xxxx-xxxx

Firewall, Domain, and AntiVirus

If a customer is interested in having their SmartPACS or SmartDR on a Domain, Firewall, or install Anti-Virus, their IT company can do so. Please note that network security is the responsibility of the customer.


Ensure that the customer has the reimaging media in case there is an issue.

Ports to unblock on a firewall and Anti-Virus: 80 (web), 104 (DICOM), 443 (Auto-Updates)