Training Center

The training center is your one-stop shop for all your training needs. If you need checklists, video links, helpful tips, etc, they can all be found here on the training center.

Video Training Overview

The Sound Experience Training Program is designed to provide thorough and consistent training at every install. Training MUST cover all Sound products.

  • SmartDR
  • eFim
  • AIS

Our training has been designed to show a video, found here, then use the provided training guides to ensure the clinic understands the information.

Please take approximately 8 minutes and 40 seconds to learn how to train by watching the video below.

If you run into any issues during training, please see our faq’s on dealing with different situations.

Video Training Overview

  • Videos: All 3 videos should be watched within 72 hours of the actual “training date.” The clinic can watch the videos while you are doing the retro fit.
  • Training Guides/Checklist: Use the Training Guides! These help cement the workflow of SmartDR, eFilm, and AIS
  • SmartDR Help Videos: Reemphasis the help menu in SmartDR
  • Install website: This is a helpful site for reviewing training, printing docs, etc.

Training Times

SmartDR – roughly 5o minutes

  • Video: 22 minutes
  • Interactive Training Guide: 20 -30 minutes

SmartPacs & AIS – roughly 40 minutes

  • Video: 20 minutes for the basics
  • Interactive Training Guide: 20 minutes

If your clinic has a SoundBank and/or eFilm, please follow the instructions below

eFilm – roughly 45 minutes

  • Video: 23 minutes for the basic trainig, 34 minutes for advanced training
  • Interactive Training Guide: 20 -30 minutes

AIS – roughly 20 minutes

  • Video: 10 minutes for basic training, 15 minutes for advanced (online viewing tools)
  • Interactive Training: 10 minutes

Training Instructions

Sound provides interactive training videos to guide the clinic through training. These trainings are no longer than an in person training and designed to walk a technician or doctor through the process of learning the system.

Ensure that the following training criteria is met:
1. The installer is in the room during the training
2. The technicians and doctors remain in the room during the training  Click here if technicians are leaving during the training video
3. The technicians and doctors are guided through the interactive Training Guide for each software.

Using the Training Guide:

Anything in bold is a question asked in the form of How do you…followed by the question in bold.  Give the technicians time to complete the task. If they need help, use the information below the question to guide them. Check the box after the clinic has successfully completed the task.


  • Logoff Acquisition
    • Click settings icon (gear wheel), click Key icon log off
    • This is used show how to login if the computer was turned off

This is an example dialogue of how to train the customer using the above checklist item

Installer: How would we log off the acquisition computer?

Tech: Ummmm… click a button?

Installer: Look for the settings icon, a gear wheel

Tech: Got it, now I click the Key button!


Once the training has been completed and the all the check boxes have been checked for each software, have the technicians sign the Training Acknowledgement.  Please make any notes regarding the training and have your main contact (the person who signed the FID) sign the sheet.

Training Checklists

eFilm Training Guide Checklist


AIS Training Checklist


Troubleshooting Training

Training can have it’s set of challenges. This section outlines many of the issues Installers face onsite. If your question is not answered here, please contact Elise Monroe  for assistance.

The office manager or head tech tells you that they do not want to watch the videos.

Explain that onsite training is a 3 step process

  1. Watch the videos: This includes SmartDR, eFilm, and AIS
  2. Interactive Training:  A question and answer segment where the Installer asks the clinic to take an x-ray ,pull them up and review on efilm, and use AIS for email, reporting, and remote viewing
  3. Hand’s on test shots: The installer will guide them through doing everything on their own

If the clinic still refuses to watch the videos, contact Elise Monroe or installations to set up an alternative training method.

Technicians did not stay in the room during the training videos.


Vet hospitals are a busy place and there will be times that technicians and doctors get pulled away. However, you are onsite to ensure they know how to use the system before you leave.

How To:

You may need to pull the office manager, head tech, or main doctor aside and explain that you are here for a limited time and despite your best efforts, you are unable to get the staff to watch the necessary videos and walk them through training.

Request their assistance and let them know how the training works. If they are still too busy or unable to get staff to training, call or email Elise and let her know immediately. We will get in touch with the appropriate contact and come up with a viable training solution.

The clinic watched the videos a day before I got there?


The clinic tells you that they have watched the videos prior to you arriving and do not need to go through the training.

How To:


If the clinic has watched the videos within the last 72 hours they do not need to rewatch them. Use the Install Training Checklists to check their understanding of the software (SmartDR, eFilm, and eFilm).

Make sure to note that they watcehd the videos ahead of time on the install or training checklists. Make sure they know to contact Elise if they have any questions or need further training.

How long does training take?

Training times can vary, but generally a full training will take about 2 to 2.5 hours. Click here for a breakdown of training times